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I have lived most of my long life within 40 miles of the upper Rio Grande, first in Santa Fe NM and now near Crestone CO. At the headwaters in the San Juan mountains the Continental Divide Trail and the Colorado Trail cross the river with no need for bridges. The Rio Grande West is not the same as the horse-and-gun West, with its centuries of war rationalized on one side by Manifest Destiny and on the other by desperation to save a way of life and land.

On the basis of my 15-year record with the wire services I received a year-long journalism fellowship at Stanford. When I came back, I joined the Albuquerque Journal as its Santa Fe bureau chief, then founding editor of the Journal North zoned edition. I concluded my 20-year Journal career as a columnist for the paper, retiring at 62 to backpack, ski, write a novel and travel everywhere with Patricia. Now we are married, honeymoon first!

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